NaNoWriMo: Last Day. You Can Do It.

In 2010, I did NaNo, but I also had a big Thanksgiving trip planned to California’s Central coast. It was an amazing trip, but needless to say, I barely got any writing done.

Before I left I had about 39,000 words. When I returned, I had about 40,000. I was pretty pleased with that, truth be told, but I wanted more. I really wanted to finish.

So I did. On the 30th, I had nothing planned, so…

Eight hours.

10,000 words.


It was a great feeling to get that done.

You can too.

Once more into the breach!


If you’re a writer – especially one that’s just starting out – and you’re not reading David Farland’s writing tips at his website, or subscribing to his daily email, start now. Dave has a ton of experience as an author and creative writing teacher and is more than willing to share that experience with us. He posted something inspirational recently that I really liked  because it reminds us that there’s more than one way to work towards our writing goals. Money quote:

“If you want to be a writer, think about the time that you first felt that passion. Let it grow in you a little today. Take the steps that you need to in order to grow. If that means that you must sit down and type, then hit the keyboards. If you need to plot a story, get started on it. If you feel like you need to take a class or read a book on writing, do it. If all that you do is study the work of another fine writer by reading a chapter or two before bed, your time will be well spent.

Nurture your passions. Light up the night.”