Link: Stephen King on Opening Sentences

Stephen King talks about opening sentences and how hard he works on them over at the Atlantic online. It’s fascinating and worth a read.

I agree that opening lines are important. But what about other ‘opening lines’ in writing? The first lines about a key character or place might need to be as impactful. Unless you’re trying to slide someone or something in as foreshadowing. I’ll have to flesh out my thoughts on this. What other aspects of writing do you think deserve the attention that King gives his openers?

2 thoughts on “Link: Stephen King on Opening Sentences

  1. I took a look around and I must say, this is a pretty great blog/site that you have going. I’m still in the revision stages of my novel but I just may head your way when the editing stage knocks on my door. 🙂
    Oh, and my thoughts on your question:
    Dialogue. It should seem authentic to the character and believable by the reader. I go back and read through my dialogue MANY times. Dialogue is an important part, but that’s just my opinion.
    Of course, I’m very similar to King in the sense that I spend the longest amount of time picking through my first lines.

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