Welcome to The Refined Word, Editing for Everyone!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to launch The Refined Word.

No, wait… I can. I’m tremendously excited! Yes. That’s about right.

I’ve spent the last several years doing work like this as on an ad hoc basis, just taking gigs as they came at me, all the while searching for a ‘real job,’ which sounded to me like ‘real security.’ With the economy the way it is, and my insistence on trying to stay in the non-profit sector, a ‘real job’ turned out to be a mountain to climb. And then I realized that I didn’t want do the same thing five days a week. I need variety in my life!

I think that’s what attracts me to working with words. It may be words, words, words, day in and day out, but that, as it turns out, is awesome. Whether I’m writing my own fiction, or helping someone fine-tune a manuscript, article, or grant narrative, I always find myself encountering new ideas, exciting information or stories… and that is energizing.

All the world’s words deserve TLC, but there’s not always time to give them the attention they need. Send them my way. I’ll help you raise the bar on everything from press releases to academic texts and papers, as well as short stories or that War and Peace-sized epic fantasy you’ve been churning away at for years. All at great rates.

Why choose The Refined Word for your editing needs? I pride myself on delivering clarity and correctness, but with an emphasis on retaining – and even enhancing – your unique voice. I love the synergy that arises from easy-going collaboration, when ideas fly freely and a text really starts to show its power and promise. (And yes, even a simple press release or quickie blog post deserves to shine its brightest!)

But that’s not all. I’m certainly not turing my back on my non-profit roots. I offer special services and discounts to qualifying non-profit organizations!

I want to be crushed under an avalanche of words! Your words. Your friend’s and colleague’s words. Your kids’ school’s words. Your small business’s words. Your growing non-profit’s words. The words of perfect strangers. Just bury me in words, and I’ll edit my way out!

Give The Refined Word a try today!

(And there’s more about me here. Check back soon for a new logo!)

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